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When Song Mei, an inspector for the Guangdong Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, is called out in the middle of the night to investigate the murder of a factory worker, she makes an appalling discovery: the dead woman’s face is identical to her own. The victim’s shocking identity forces Mei to reexamine her own past while she probes the dangerous world of the Chinese industrial complex.

Breaking protocol, Mei undertakes a covert search for the truth about the mystery woman’s death by following in her footsteps from a factory plagued by worker suicides to a luxury hotel dealing in high-end escorts. But when Mei crosses paths with an ex–CIA operative on a shadowy mission of his own, her personal quest takes a jarring turn into political and industrial espionage that pits both agents against the highest ranks of communism and capitalism.

“Financial-writer-turned-novelist Gapper, who has made multiple visits to China and written about the country as an associate editor and business columnist for the Financial Times, spins an involving tale of murder, corruption, and espionage in the burgeoning Chinese economy, as it struggles between the Party and free enterprise. A well-drawn, multicultural with a high-tech slant.” —Booklist

“Gapper’s extensive knowledge of China and its inner workings adds authenticity as well as atmosphere to this tale of international high stakes… An insider’s peek into hidden Chinese culture with a complex storyline, Gapper’s novel works on every level.” —Kirkus

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